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Our Mission

Making disciples who will be an equipping force united in sharing the Gospel.

Our Vision

To be a WORD centered, Spirit filled, multicultural, and missional community of churches in key US cities.

The heart of the WORD International Ministries is the adoption of a global strategy for church planting and leadership development to fulfill its commitment to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. To bring unsaved and nominal Christians to a saving knowledge of Christ and to train national leaders to proclaim the Gospel to their own people and to other nations.

Word International School of Leadership (WISL)

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Resources for You

Written by Our Church Pastors

The Faith Factor

The Faith Factor

Author: Dr. Ed Miciano, Senior Pastor of Bridgepoint Community Church (WIN San Francisco)

Center for Seeds of Hope

“I want to thank the whole staff of the school for all the wonderful years of caring and teaching. Words cannot describe the comfort WIS gives me everyday I leave my son with the teachers in school. I know my son is in good hands. The most important thing happened to me while my son is studying. I got actively involved in a Bible Study group. I have accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Saviour!”